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Virtual Quilt Show

Our Story

We are excited to introduce you to the Virtual Quilt Show (VQS).  The Virtual Quilt Show began in Spring 2020 when shows and events cancelled and postponed. We heard the disappointment of the quilters and heard from the vendors and educators whose livelihoods were being impacted by these closures, we at Gammill looked around to see what we might be able to do to help the quilting community.  We looked at what we have the manpower, skills and technical abilities to do. Given our skills in web design, computer programming and education we felt well posed to produce a Virtual Quilt Show for the quilting community as a whole.

We worked furiously at repurposing most of our staff from producing machines to working on providing online resources to help support all quilters as well as the industry’s vendors and educators.  Although Gammill is a longarm machine manufacturer, VQS is designed as a full quilt show (not just for longarmers) and all other industry vendors and educators are invited to join. Our goal is to provide a platform and infrastructure that benefits the entire quilting community.   

While we navigate this difficult time of social distancing, we are inviting quilters from all over the world and all industry professionals to come together to showcase and celebrate quilting. VQS will bring together all the components of a traditional quilt show to a brand-new experience. During VQS, quilters will have the opportunity to view exceptional quilts, compete for bragging rights and prizes, visit the vendor mall, participate in online educational opportunities, and more.

We look forward to this new adventure over the upcoming months.  We are all in this together!


Michelle Weaver

General Manager

Gammill, Inc.