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I’m Christine Cowan.

I started the MagnaFingers company when my 13-year-old son invented and patented a clever magnetic pick-up tool that can also release the items!  He invented it to pick up fish hooks without hurting his fingers, but I soon realized that quilters and other sewists really liked it, too!  Now, I manufacture them in my living room with a small “farm” of four 3D printers.

MagnaFingers picks up pins and needles, holds them till you need them, and easily releases — without hurting your fingers!

  • Strong pick-up — grab pins and needles, even in carpet!
  • Strong hold — up to 100 straight pins at once. Use as a releasing pin cushion!
  • Easy release — just squeeze with two fingers, like a clothespin!
  • Multi-use — also great for other things like paperclips, staples, tiny screws, fish hooks, and more!
  • Finger saver — pick up messes without stabbing your fingers!
  • Small business — invented/patented by 13-year-old Owen Cowan and manufactured in our home with 3D printers!

16802 Elmwood Glen Ct, Houston, Texas, United States 

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[email protected]

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